Quite simply it is a statutory obligation in most cases. If your premises are open to the public pubs, schools, cinemas, clubs, churches,
dentists, doctors surgeries etc then you most likely need to be inspected yearly ). If you are a private dwelling then you should be tested at least every 10 years. electrical testing is often overlooked by ignorance, many companies now delegate the responsibility to either their own resources manager or a dedicated company.

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Niblock Electrical Services

keeps a data base of all tests, when they were performed and the results,this way there is no ambiguity!

As well as the electrical testing of the fixed equipment (cables,sockets,lights, etc) there is the testing of PAT.

Simply put if it has a plug on it it has to be tested with a PAT tester. This is a requirement for all types of installation, Industrial,Commercial and Domestic.
Home-owners wishing to sell their dwelling can use the same service to make the test results available to potential purchasers.
Below is a list of how regularly testing should be carried out

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:

- Commercial Installations - 5 years.
- Industrial Installations - 3 years.
- Buildings open to the public - 1 year.
- External Installations - 3 years.
- Caravan Parks - 1 year.
- Fire Alarms - 1 year.
- Short Term Installations - 3 months.
- Site Installations - 3 months.
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After a project is complete, our clients are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

Niblock Building Contractors has employed Niblock Electrical Services on many projects over the last couple of years. We have always found Gary and his team to provide us and our clients with the highest level of service and standards of workmanship.

We have found Niblock Electrical Services to be honest and reliable, communicating with Niblock to ensure smooth progress of contracts and thereby showing that they are a company that pride themselves not only on "doing a good job" but also on achieving "customer satisfaction."

The type of work we have employed Niblock Electrical Service to undertake has included electrical renewal / upgrade works on large sheltered schemes, School upgrades and refurbishments to communal and residential services and we look forward to continuing a successful working relationship we have with them.

Contacts Manager,
Nibklock Building Contractors.

We have had an association with Niblock Electrical for the last 2 years. We use them for all our electrical and plumbing maintenance and minor installation works. Throughout this time we found them to be prompt, efficient, professional and reliable. To date, we have not experienced any problems with the work carried by this company, whether it is electrical of plumbing work.

Over the last 2 years , I have personally monitored the service and standard of work and am pleased to report that we have no hesitation to continue our association with Niblock Electrical Service.

I would recommend Niblock Electrical Service to anyone, as I believe the standard of work to be that of what we demand in our production facility.

Malcolm Gibson
Operations Manager,
FloPlast Ltd.

"This is to confirm that we have employed Niblock Electrical Services to carry out numerous projects for us covering a wide range of sectors,

We have always found their workmanship to be first class coupled with excellent customer service/ product knowledge. We highly recommend their services.

Babs Hubbard

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