Quite simply it is a statutory obligation in most cases. If your premises are open to the public pubs, schools, cinemas, clubs, churches, dentists, doctors surgeries etc then you most likely need to be inspected yearly. If you are a private dwelling then you should be tested at least every 10 years. Electrical testing is often overlooked by ignorance, many companies now delegate the responsibility to either their own resources manager or a dedicated company.

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Niblock Electrical Services
keeps a data base of all tests, when they were performed and the results,this way there is no ambiguity! As well as the electrical testing of the fixed equipment (cables,sockets,lights, etc) there is the testing of PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) simply put if it has a plug on it it has to be tested with a PAT tester. This is a requirement for all types of installation, Industrial,Commercial and Domestic. Home-owners wishing to sell their dwelling can use the same service to make the test results available to potential purchasers.
Below is a list of how regularly testing should be carried out

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:
- Commercial Installations - 5 years.
- Industrial Installations - 3 years.
- Buildings open to the public - 1 year.
- External Installations - 3 years.
- Caravan Parks - 1 year.
- Fire Alarms - 1 year.
- Short Term Installations - 3 months.
- Site Installations - 3 months.
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About Niblock Electrical Services

In January 2013, following considerable growth in the Electrical Maintenance Services, Niblock Building Contractors acquired an existing established Electrical Contractor now launched as Niblock Electrical Services in order to enhance and develop further this specialist service. This will be an Electrical Services arm to work in partnership with Niblock Building Contractors.

Our philosophy has always been that our Clients should get the best quality service at a reasonable cost and as such proving value for money. Our strength as an organisation comes from the quality and skill of our staff and our family values.

All sectors of electrical & solar installation works (domestic, industrial & commercial) are covered and we specialise in Commercial Projects and Social Housing Frameworks throughout the whole of the south east area including Kent, West & East Sussex, Essex, and Surrey together with all London areas.

We are committed to forward thinking to provide the most up to date electrical solutions to provide creative solutions for our entire Clients' requirements. We are a full service design and installation company with a wide range of experience. Our commitment to excellent customer service and high standards means we understand our client's individual needs and consistently deliver as promised and on time. .Niblock Electrical Services reputation in electrical installations ensures professionalism and reliability to an impressive range of clients in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

How Do We Work?

By offering a high standard of work and service with competitive prices genuine value is delivered to all Clients whether they are day to day domestic jobs or large multi-sited contracts.

Our Qualifications
Recognising current British Standards, we are NICEIC & MCS registered and qualified to 17th Edition as certified by the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Our operatives are all 17th Edition qualified and IOSH Health and Safety trained ensuring that our work is of the highest standard at all times

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